Virginia Governor-Elect Ralph Northam - Transition Policy Councils

Office of the Governor-electRalph S. Northam

Transition Policy Councils

The Policy Councils comprise stakeholders from across the Commonwealth to provide thoughtful insights and perspectives. They will meet to hold a dialogue regarding significant issues and potential recommendations for how to address such challenges. Out of these conversations, each Council will produce a report to be delivered to the Governor-Elect and his incoming Cabinet.

Policy Council on Finance

  • Co-Chair: Michael Cassidy, The Commonwealth Institute
  • Co-Chair: Maggie Ragon, Staunton Commissioner of the Revenue

Policy Council on Agriculture and Forestry

  • Chair: Missy Neff, The Nature Conservancy

Policy Council on Commerce and Trade

  • Co-Chair: Ángel Cabrera, President of George Mason University
  • Co-Chair: Eileen Filler-Corn, Delegate, 41st District

Policy Council on Workforce Development

  • Co-Chair: Shannon Blevins, Associate Vice Chancellor for Economic Development and Engagement, University of Virginia at Wise
  • Co-Chair: Ashby Kilgore, Superintendent, Newport News Public Schools

Policy Council on Higher Education

  • Co-Chair: John Broderick, President of Old Dominion University
  • Co-Chair: John Downey, President of Blue Ridge Community College

Policy Council on PreK-12

  • Co-Chair: Jim Livingston, Virginia Education Association
  • Co-Chair: Donna Harris-Aikens, National Education Association

Policy Council on Health and Human Resources

  • Co-Chair: Karah Gunther, Virginia Commonwealth University and VCU Health System
  • Co-Chair: Steve McCoy, Patient First

Policy Council on Behavioral Health

  • Co-Chair: Alison Land, Sentara
  • Co-Chair: Gabe Morgan, Sheriff of Newport News

Policy Council on Opioid and Substance Abuse

  • Co-Chair: Charniele Herring, Delegate, 46th District
  • Co-Chair: Todd Pillion, Delegate, 4th District

Policy Council on Natural Resources

  • Co-Chair: Preston Bryant, Former Secretary of Natural Resources
  • Co-Chair: Adam Ebbin, Senator, 30th District
  • Co-Chair: Karen Forget, Lynnhaven River NOW

Policy Council on Public Safety

  • Co-Chair: Lori Haas, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
  • Co-Chair: Dave Marsden, Senator, 37th District

Policy Council on Technology

  • Co-Chair: Jonathan Aberman, Amplifier Ventures
  • Co-Chair: Robby Demeria, Richmond Technology Council

Policy Council on Transportation

  • Co-Chair: John Milliken, Former Secretary of Transportation
  • Co-Chair: Aimee Perron Seibert, Commonwealth Strategy Group

Policy Council on Veterans and Defense Affairs

  • Co-Chair: Carlos Hopkins, Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs
  • Co-Chair: Carlos Del Toro, Retired Navy, Business Leader

Policy Council on Local Government

  • Co-Chair: Sharon Bulova, Chairman, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
  • Co-Chair: McKinley Price, Mayor, Newport News