Virginia Governor-Elect Ralph Northam - Apply for a Board or Commission Seat

Office of the Governor-electRalph S. Northam

Apply for a Board or Commission Seat

Virginians who are interested in serving the Commonwealth in a volunteer capacity, may wish to apply to serve on a board or commission.  Applications will be accepted throughout the Governor’s term.  Gubernatorial appointments are an ongoing process, with approximately 900 appointments being made throughout the year.

Current Boards and Commissions

Apply for a Board or Commission Seat

The online application system will allow you to submit your own application for boards and commissions. We would like for all service-minded Virginians to consider submitting their application.

Factors to Consider

Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia on a board or commission is both an honor and a privilege. Public service, however, is not for everyone. Individuals applying for a board or commission should be aware of the following:

  • As expected in an open and democratic government, the activities of boards and commissions are subject to public and press scrutiny.
  • Applicants who are selected by the Governor to serve will be required to complete a financial disclosure statement as a condition of serving on the board or commission.
  • Unless otherwise specified by law, most boards and commissions meet quarterly each year. However, some boards may meet more frequently due to the responsibilities and functions of the board.
  • Service on boards and commissions is generally voluntary, and unless otherwise specified by law, members of boards and commissions are not paid a stipend. Members of boards and commissions are sometimes reimbursed for their expenses.